Arg! Team

Arg! Team is game development by old friends.

Our current project is the Silly Face Society for iOS.

We care about well made and well intentioned games whether they are action, sandbox or casual. We work on all platforms.

The team is made up of two friends that have been working together since age 13. Our first project was the cult Half-Life mod, Arg! The Pirates Strike Back. You've been warned.

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The Team

Chris Young's Profile Picture

Chris Young

Art · Design · Game Design

Chris has a life-long passion for gaming. After working on Arg!, Chris worked on various other mods for Half-Life, Serious Sam, and Half-Life 2. He attended Humber College for 3D graphics and has worked in related fields since. Primarily a 3D modeler, the Silly Face Society was Chris's first foray into 2D art and iPhone game design. Chris drew all the Silly Face Society to spare the world from ever seeing Thomas's art. He lives in Aurora, Ontario.

Thomas Dimson's Profile Picture

Thomas Dimson

Programming · Game Design

Arg! The Pirates Strike Back inspired Thomas to become a programmer. After graduating high school, he attended University of Waterloo for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and has worked at Bloomberg L.P. and amongst others. Thomas is a "full stack" programmer and handled all the both server and client code for the Silly Face Society. He lives in perpetual fear that Chris will pick up programming again and put him out of a job. He currently attends Stanford University as a graduate student in Artificial Intelligence.